Saturday, September 25, 2010

Teaser II - Old Lady

Book 4 - No Name Yet
I am now an old lady of 74 and I am happy to sit on the hill looking out at the Ocean. I sit remembering my Conestoga Journey and my Journey at Sea. My children are doing well and their children are a great joy to me. My beloved Brian has passed into God's hands and he is waiting for me. I spend more time these day just remembering the past and everything I have done. The new dress I acquired in China, the lovely coat from New Zealand and all that beautiful furniture from the Indies. I was so fortunate to travel with my husband and I dream of all those faces and wonder what they are doing now...
About 4 months ago, we had a terrible Earthquake and lost my grandson James. He was a quiet boy, well mannered and never caused us any problems. He was playing by the side of the house when a brick fall and killed him instantly. If I tell my story maybe it will help me to recover. My daughter is still grieving and I know not what to do but let her cry. It was a warm Spring day and I was working around the house and noticed the flowers were dancing in their pots. I thought to myself, "Why are they dancing?" The next moment the earth was shaking. The sound was almost unbearable as the stones & bricks rubbed againsted each other before falling to the ground. The earth came up and long holes were made as fire broke out and so many homes have been destroyed. The smoke has filled the air and it is so hard to breath. Everyone is running in circles and not sure what to do. I ran around trying to find my grandchildren when I found James by the side of the house. All the screaming and shaking would not bring him back. I can only vision that he is now with Brian holding hands and maybe they have gone fishing. This is a great disaster for it will take a long time to rebuild San Francisco. Our home is in need of great repairs and my son is considering starting completely over, so everyday we work to clear the land and save all the good wood. We are sleeping in a tent and cooking outside but since I have done this before it does not bother me, I am teaching my daughter Mattie. The hard part is finding food and we go to the Harbor everyday to wait on boats coming from Oakland. There are two boats, one has meat and the other vegetables. The meat boat has Beef, Lamb, rabbit and chickens which I have purchased a few live chickens and one Rooster. Which I named Sprinter since he was trying so hard to get away. Hopefully now we will have plenty eggs to share with our neighbors. My son Robert has built a nice Hen House and he keeps us in good supple of grain.... "Here Chick Chick" The second boat has very nice vegetable coming from the East which they call the Delta. I hear from others that it is a great area for farming. I should ride my Mare down to the harbor but it is not that far and I enjoy the walk. Robert built me a basket with wheels and as I go to the Market my neighbor give me the green eye. I will ask Robert to build a few more for my neighbor friends. He is a clever lad. Someday.......

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