Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Splash Collection

Splash Collection is my favorites.... Going to add to this collecting next month... Remember to "Think Outside the Box" when buying this fabric.. If you are interested please email me or leave a message..

Do Dads

The basic Black, White & Cream.... Does that look like White to you? Someone messed up my order but I like it anyway.. The WoW will show up in July.. I hope. Black & White is $11.15 yd, Cream-$10.70 yd..

Chantilly Collections

My friend Renay made a cute Tablerunner with the Chantilly Collection..

Here is the Chantilly Collection and a Special for the Month @ 8.15 yd..

Sunday, June 5, 2011

"Rock a Bye Baby" Kit has everything including the backing for $45.00

The Mix Table has Nature, Ocean, Fall and Wild Life.. If you are interested in this table, email me at and I will take better pictures for you to see the fabric up-close. Thanks

This is my Christmas Corner. The whole cabinet is related someway to the Holidays.. Will add more photos later. Thanks

Still working on my Clearance Shelf and running out of room. I still have Pink, Purple, Browns & Golds to go...